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Best method of training for maximum results

עודכן: 19 בפבר׳ 2019

Which method of training will lead to better results? Intensive training that requires 100% effort followed by a long recovery period or a workout that requires 70% effort with a shorter recovery time

Furthermore, if you finish the workout bathed in sweat and crawling out of the gym.

Is this proof of good workout

For example -

If I "all out" and do 100 pushups in one workout but as a result my chest muscles are so sore that I'll have to wait a week for me to recover so that I can go back and train my pectoral muscles again? Or when I lower my intensity and do 70 push ups in one workout but with the ability to recover quickly and train my pectoral muscles three times a week

What are the best results

When I lowered my intensity I still got my muscles to work during my workout but the difference was in faster recovery time which allowed me to work the same group of muscles multiple times a week. As a result, I've managed to double my weekly pushup amount. As a result, that led to better muscle gains. That is, twice as many weekly pushups. When I started working out I remember wanting to see results immediately. So I figured that the more I push myself harder in my workouts the better and faster the results will be

I was wrong -

When it comes to intensity of training. I like to explain it through basketball. At first, when you start playing. The ball is heavy, and it takes time to understand the shooting technique. For me to score the ball I'll shoot in a relatively close distance from the basket. Because if I go too far I'll miss the shot. As I get better, naturally, I want to get further away from the basket to learn how to score from longer distances. If I skipped the foul line and went straight for the three point shot, I would miss. As a result, some things can happen

as a result of never hitting a basket after a while ill quiet and give up on basketball -

Because my body is not used to throwing from such a distance ill try to create too much power in my body and as a result, all that is required is a wrong movement for me to injure myself

I'll spend so much effort and energy trying to make a shot from the three-point line - that the recovery time will limit me to one workout a week

But if I go back to the penalty line and train with the right intensity I will learn the skill while recovering quickly. Eventually the foul line will become easy and you will move up to the three-point line while gaining muscle and preventing injury. like a car that if you keep pressing the gas all the way, the engine will eventually warm up or sit down. Of course there is room to speed up the car at certain times but not every time you go on the ride. So is our body. New studies show that less intensive work (70% instead of 100%) on a muscle group, more frequently during the week, will lead to more effective muscle building. With proper work and wisdom and consistency in training. Over time your 70% will continue to rise

In my personal training, I devote all my attention to you in order to give you tools and personal adjustments to the last detail. I've already gone through trial and error and also sports injuries I've experienced on my body ... The experience means that today I will find with you the most effective way to achieve maximum results with the least effort

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