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Are you warming up correctly

עודכן: 19 בפבר׳ 2019

How to Warm Up Properly and Avoid Injury


What is warming up? What is an efficient warmup? At school we were taught that warming up before working out consists of static/dynamic stretches or running a few minutes to "warm the body up" before exercising

How many times have you gone to the gym and performed back exercises and at the end of the workout you did not feel the muscles of your back but felt another muscles? Or did you try to work on strengthening the buttocks but the quad muscles got fired up while the butt muscles feel like they didn’t work at all Or did ab crunches but it felt like your leg muscles or lower back did most of the work and are now tired / hurt

Frustrating right?! It's probably because your muscles are asleep

What does that mean

To help us understand, let's compare our body to a bicycle. You bought a bicycle. The bicycle has a front wheel, rear wheel, pedals, etc. At first everything works smoothly. But with time you begin to lean forward on the front wheel. Slowly the weight of your body on the bike concentrates on the front wheel and as a result, the front wheel is now the one that holds all our weight on the bike. It seems to us that the two wheels carry the same weight in our body but in reality the back wheel is dragging around like a dormant, because it is not actually used. When the rear wheel is not used, it seems to degenerate (the air pressure lowers, the oil dries up, and eventually it gets stuck in place ...). Then, when we take the bike out and ride it to a specific destination, to compensate for the lack of use of the rear wheel, we create excess pressure on the front wheel, and in the long term it results in wear and tear of the front wheel, which then can lead to a front tire explosion, accident - and injury

Like the bicycle, our body works the same way. Our bodies are very effective in conserving energy (for better or worse) and therefore will "turn off" what is not being used. For example, when a person spends most of his day in office work, sitting and leaning forward (sitting in front of a computer, driving), the brain sends instructions through the nerves system to certain muscles in our body to rest/shut down due to lack of use and to conserve energy. The body does not know when to wake/fire up those muscle groups that it shut off throughout the day. Therefor unless we actively send a message to our nervous system to "wake up" those "sleepy" muscles that are ordinarily turned off because of our sedentary lifestyle. No matter how much your stretch or run before a workout, those "sleepy muscles" will remain "asleep" during your training. Therefore, before you work out it is important to send acctive signals to the body so that the body, as a whole, knows that it needs to wake up. This means that you have to spend time at the beginning of each workout and "warm up" the whole body correctly, waking up the sleepy muscles, exercising, flexing, and synchronizing among different muscle groups

If you do this correctly and consistently, you will achieve better results that will last for a long time and give the body the strength, support, mobility and stability it needs and no less important - while avoiding unnecessary injuries that may result from improper warm up of the muscles and injury prone training

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