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Over the age 50? Start lifting weights

עודכן: 19 בפבר׳ 2019

Osteoporosis, a disease that causes osteoporosis and bone fractures, is a common disease that affects every third woman in her life and in a high percentage of men. Medicine still does not know how to cure osteoporosis, but there are ways to reduce the chances of disease and / or reduce the risk factors and even prevent the disease in a whole

How to prevent it

Physical activity -

Stop the decline in bone density with resistance training (weights, straps such as TRX or resistance bands, etc.) exert a load on the muscle. The muscles are attached to the bones. Resistance training allows you to work on all the muscles in the body, and to build healthy bone density, thereby stopping the decline in bone density and calcium flight. Resistance training allows us to work on the bone density in a full body capacity. Some people might argue that you can get the same required results from strictly aerobic exercises, in which there is bone construction due to the vertical shock on the spine. It is true that running can help, but in a limited way because running focuses on bones and muscles in very specific/limited places

A 62 year old client of mine was running every morning for an hour on the treadmill both to improve fitness and to prevent osteoporosis. I explained to her that running/aerobic exercise is a good thing for cardiovascular endurance, but running has limited value for preventing osteoporosis because it does not work on all bones in the body. I explained to her the advantages of combining strength and resistance with aerobic training

After a period of about a month, she reported greater control, stability, mobility and even an improvement in her energy level. In everyday life this is reflected in her ability to play with her grandson (including lifting him up without back pain), carrying groceries, good posture while working on a computer at the office and many other areas. Working with this client has led to an expansion of my training audience for the training of her friends and over the years I learned to provide a real answer to the challenges that come with age. I have added flexibility exercises to preserve and even increase range of motion and movement since the body gets harder and shorter as we age

This approach gives my clients the opportunity to wake up in the morning without pain, to move during the day with an energetic feeling, to experience both mobility and good stability, and increased flexibility and strength

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